How to Troubleshoot the Issues of Henny Penny Coil?

Henny Penny Coil

Any commercial kitchen needs to serve fried food. Some of the most effective deep-frying equipment available for the food service business is made by Henny Penny, and they can effortlessly prepare everything from fried onion rings to chicken wings.  You can update Henny Penny kitchen appliances with the Henny Penny 29547 Solenoid Coil 24-Volt, which is a 24-volt alternating current (AC) 60 Hz solenoid coil. 

A malfunctioning commercial fryer has the potential to stop operations completely. Thankfully, we have Henny Penny fryer troubleshooting guides to assist you in identifying the issue.

Knowing The Coil System: 

It’s important to comprehend the fundamental parts and operation of a Henny Penny coil system before beginning any maintenance. Typically, these systems include wiring, controlling the temperature, heating components, and safety features. To preserve the proper cooking temperatures, the control panels regulate the heat produced by the coils.

Fryer Refuses To Run 

If the unit is not operating, the following problems can exist: 

  • Open circuit: A fryer is considered to be open when the switch that powers it is in the “ON” position but it is not operating. An authorized service expert may need to replace the fuse or breaker if the machine is connected in. 
  • Motor thermal protection tripped: The motor thermally protector trips when the filter switching is “ON” but the motor is not operating. An authorized technician is required to reset the thermostat switch.

The POWER Switch Is On, However, the Fryer Is Not Working At All.

  • Verify the unit’s plug is in. 
  • Check the supply box’s breaker or fuse. 
  • Verify the voltage at the wall outlet. 
  • Examine the main power switch and replace it if necessary. 
  • Inspect the plug and cord for any damage. 
  • Fryer connections tripped; open the left door as well as reset the breaker.

There’s No Heating Of The Oil

  • Check for the possible reasons mentioned below if the oil or shortening has no warmth when the lights are on. 
  • Open high boundary circuit: Reset the OHLC circuit from the Elevated temperatures Limit Control if it is open or triggered. Before using the product, read its manufacturer’s instructions. 
  • Turn the handle of the drain valve into the “closed” configuration to open it.

Meals Is Too Dark 

  • If food emerges from the fryer prematurely, make sure to look for the following: 
  • Excessive temperature settings: Check to see whether the setting is excessively hot. Verify the programme mode’s temperature setting and make the necessary corrections. 
  • Food that has been battered too far ahead of time: Breading should be added right before frying.
  • The shortening has to be changed because it is too old. 
  • The shortening has to be changed or filtered because it is too dark.

Heating Of The Oil

  • Verify the programmed mode’s temperature setting. 
  • If the heat indicator remains above the ready temperature, replace the control board. 
  • If the probe measurement is wrong by 5 degrees, check it and replace it. 
  • Examine the gas valve.

When The Fan Was Turned On, The Power Source Fan Vacuum Sensor Did Not Shut Off. 

It’s possible that a wire is broken or unplugged, or that the fan or vacuum sensor has failed. The vacuum sensor, vacuuming hose or electrical connections associated with the vacuum sensor may malfunction if the ventilation system is operating. An approved technician will need to inspect and fix each of these.

There’s Too Much Pressure

Pressure Models Only 

A Henny Penny pressure fryer’s lid may become stuck if the pressure that it operates at is set too high. To prevent the oil from burning, turn off the cooking device and let it cool. As directed in the operation manual, remove the deadweight from the machine once it has cooled.


If the air pressure gauge indicates “high” pressure, do not run the equipment. Burn wounds and other serious ailments could arise from it. Immediately turn off the circulation pump switch. By doing this, the device can cool temperature before pumping once more. Once the source of the elevated temperature problem has been identified and remedied, refrain from employing the unit again.

There Is No Response From The Ignition Module. 

Either the combustion module is broken or unplugged. The wire, the module, or the relay that is located on the I/O board is probably the source of the fault if it happens and the device isn’t even attempting to spark. Both problems will need to be examined and fixed by a certified specialist.

Final Words

Henny Penny coil problems must be troubleshooter methodically to determine the root causes and apply workable fixes. You can maintain peak performance and extend the life of your equipment by being aware of the fundamental parts and operations of the electromagnetic coil system as a whole as well as typical problems and the relevant troubleshooting procedures.


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